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Thursday, November 24, 2005

100th mile

There is nothing better to do on a beautful Thanksgiving day than to cruise the back roads and the occasional dirt path (when you can find it).
I went on google maps and found a few back roads that looked fun. I started at La Salle Canyon road which should eventually lead to the ocean, according to google. What google doesn't show are the myriad of "No Trespassing" and "VAFB Property" signs and gates on every remotely interesting backroad. So I was able to go a whole mile on paved La Salle Canyon road until I came to this. I don't think I've seen a road that wanted to be driven so desperately than the one behind that fence.

It's amazing what the Air Force base is getting away with!! They have some of the best, untouched land in the area. The base definitely has some of the best coast around!! Anyway, this is the top of Miguelito road.. this road leads to the ocean, but once again VAFB claims victory. That white low cloud area is acutally ocean and some haze.

And this is the end of Miguelito road.. another road that screams to be driven

I finally found a place to get off the pavement on Cellite property. It was a rough road and I got stuck once, but was able to lift my front end and body off the high dirt. Its amazing how much clearance I lost when I put those smaller tires up front. I'll have to switch back.
On the way home I turned over my engines first hundred miles. Time to re-torque the heads.


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