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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Parts are IN!!

The parts are in!
Yesterday I had the gears put on my new 74mm crank then cleaned and assembled it with the new Scat I-Beam rods. here it is..

After I got the rods on I clearanced the case for the larger stroke. Then cleaned the case one last time, before assembly, by scrubbing, power-washing then blowing it out with compressed air.

The head CC kit came in and I measured my combustion chambers, but the two heads came out different; one was at 51cc and the other was 53cc. I posted at TheSamba about it and was told to grind out the difference in lesser head. They aren't godly perfect but they turned out well enough. I hope..

I also got my order from LowBugget and put in my new jets and air cleaners.. don't they look awsome?!


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