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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Kadron Linkage

Stock Kadron linkage is crap. It clips onto a ball-end on the accelerator arm and it falls off often! Especially off-road!! With the extra time I have waiting for my parts I wanted to fix it.
I already had another center-pull linkage with a ball-joint connect to the accelerator arm. It's much better than the clip. But I liked the center-pull design I already had, just not the clips, so I set out to get the ball joints to fit onto my linkage.
The ball joints fit a 1/4-28 fine thread but my rod has a smaller male thread that wouldn't fit, so I cut it off and was left with a .300" hole in the rod that was too big to fit 1/4" and too thin to tap anyway.
I found Hex Coupling nuts, but they only came in 1/4-20 coarse thread and wouldn't fit the ball-joint, but lucky for me I was able to find a 1/4" stud with both fine and coarse threads.
I put the Hex Coupling nut into my drill press chuck and used a file to take it down to .305" so I could press fit the Hex nut in.

Unfortunately the ball-joint wouldn't fit the stock ball-end accelerator arm and it wouldn't just screw out either (I didn't want to ruin it by cutting, just in case...). I was able to make my own accelerator arm from 1/8" mild-steel. I was sure to cut the holes at a very close tolerance so it wouldn't misalign. I also made very sure that the hole for the bolt that holds the ball-joint was exactly the same distance from the axis hole, so that the arms would rotate the same. That step was most important because if one is longer than the other it would open proportionally faster than the other, and no amount of synchronizing your carbs would make them even, except at idle. these are what I made, with the ball-joint..

The clip-on VS. The bolt-on ball-joint (I will press fit the hex nut all the way in after I know the rods aren't too long and need to be cut)..

..And the new linkage on the carb..

LOOKS GOOD!! and MUCH better!!
but when are my parts coming?!?!


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