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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Side projects

While I'm waiting for parts I wanted to get a few things done so I put the rocker assembly on my heads, cleaned my engine tin really well (you can actually see yourself in it) and then I started a small project I've been meaning to get to; a plexiglas protection for all the open wires behind the dash.
First I made a mock-up of cardboard then spray painted it onto the plexiglas and cut it out using a Dremel with a masonry blade, it worked really well.

For now it is only mounted by one sheet metal screw but I'll do more later. You can just see the outline of the plexiglas.

Because I have a single peice fiberglass front-end, mud and water and all kinds of crap would fly right up behind the dash making a real mess! It hasn't shorted the wiring out yet but I'm sure it would eventually happen, and it's just a good idea anyway. It looks pretty good..


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