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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Two steps forward... Ten steps back

Bam! crank in.. Bam! cam in.. Bam! distributor drive gear, lifters, all the bearings and other half of case in!!! Bam! torque all the nuts.. oh... wait a second... one doesn't want to tighten up... oh... wait a second... now the stud feels loose... oh wait a second... I'm pulling the stud out and I see that it stripped the threads on the inside of the case!!!

All I can do is strip down again. Everything comes out of the left side of the case: cam, crank, distributor drive shaft, bearings, and lifters... pretty much everything I spent today putting in... I'll have to drill and tap the case, then I'm back to cleaning it and finally assembling it all together again tomorrow, if I get that far..


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